Nando @ Aria Media

( learning Clojure ColdFusion Lucee Javascript jQuery Angular CSS Linux Apache HTML5 & etc )

About Me

My name is Nando Breiter and I’m the director of Aria Media, a web application development firm in Caslano, Switzerland. I’ve been programming web applications since the late 1990’s, and have been using primarily ColdFusion as my application server of choice since 2001. I have recently deployed a number of applications and sites to Lucee as well.

Along with a reasonably advanced level of skill using CFML, I’m fairly well versed in a variety of ancillary languages and frameworks needed to build a modern web application, including of course HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, SQL, as well as the CFML frameworks FW/1, ModelGlue, and Fusebox and the responsive design framework Bootstrap. I also am reasonably experienced in Linux server administration, specifically on CentOS, and have recently moved all our applications and websites to a CentOS 7, ColdFusion/Lucee, Nginx, MySql stack.

I’m a big fan of goal directed design, a technique pioneered by Alan Cooper, which emphasizes users’ goals and needs as the first priority in the software design process, and considers how a user will interact with an application as important as how the application will technically achieve a given task. As a result, our applications tend to be both easy to use, and highly effective.

Throwing some graphic design ability into the mix, I’d categorize myself as more of an all-rounder than a hard-core programmer, and I think I’ve evolved that way simply because of my focus on serving my clients as best I can. That said, I’ve had my eye on learning Clojure for some time now, and am looking for an excuse to develop an application in it.